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Life is like a ski slope, sometimes you just go in the wrong direction.

Life is like a# ski slope, it has it’s ups and downs. Some times the ups are wonderful, sometimes they are just as upsetting as the downs. The first time you ride up in the# ski lift you are excited, scared, afraid of making a fool of yourself, but determined to ski down that slope.

I remember when one of our daughters was trying to learn to ski, she just could not master the pulley rope on the beginning slope. She just kept going back to the bottom. We all left her and she continued trying. By golly, late afternoon she finally made it to the top and all the workers came out and cheered her. She truly deserved that cheer. She never gave up.

Blogging is like that pulley rope giving us, ups and downs, It never gives up on us, but the critical key here is to keep trying. If your blog is slow, then figure out why it doesn’t become a snow board and take off. Take your blog apart piece by piece. What is my #niche? What don’t I truly understand and what can I do to better understand? Who really is my audience? It certainly is something most of us have to do.

You see where someone makes all find of money in such a short time, lets face it, we all say, why them and why not me? That is a good question. If you find the answer, please share. Keep trying, keep learning and keep having some fun .


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Buy back your health.

Buy back your health, is that what you want to do? Can you do that? Sometimes the long wait of no life style changes has been too long! Unbelievable thoughts!

Are we as a society just lazy or are we so busy trying to keep up with everything that how and what we eat becomes a bad habit. How often do you go out to eat? When you look around in the restaurant, do you wonder where everyone gets the money to eat out . Do you ever wonder what would happen if you walked through the restaurant doing a brief survey, asking two questions only -1- Why are you eating out tonight? 2- How are you paying for this meal? Shocking, the nerve, out-of-this-world. You would probably get thrown out and told not to come back again. Plus the whole restaurant would be staring at you.

Diet plays such a big part in our overall health and it is so difficult to find and stick to the right type of diet. It requires work and thought. Require families working together to make it easier. Planning a weekly menu and following it along with beginning an exercise program are sometimes next to impossible. It is like a mountain in front of you that needs to be climbed.’

Begin by changing your life style. A meal out becomes a treat. Planning weekly menus becomes a game and you and your family are the player, players trying to win the game. Save, save those recipes that you enjoy. Plan a snack for those times in the evening when you need a small treat. Tiny steps in the right direction. Now you can add another piece to your game. Exercise.

Whether any of the essential oils can help you with weight loss is something that again I say requires research. You want to understand the benefits of those essential oils.. Discussing this with your health care provider, especially if you are on medication, a must.

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Personal health – well taken care of?

Rewriting a blog called personal health , good! bad! Personal health well taken care of is what I am calling it now and am asking you to decide if your health is magnificient, unbelieveable or not so good.

Here are some eye-opening questions to pose to yourself. Just because you are a young adult, does not mean you are healthy or make healthy choices. Ten years from now will you be saying to yourself, if only I had listened.

Do you take care of your health on a regular basis? Do you have preventive health and use it in a positive manner. Do you consider carefully what your physician is telling you?

Are you reluctant to step on the scale at the physician’s office? Do you share with your physician your eating habits? Do you understand what a diet is and how to go on one? Do you share in the cooking at your house? Do you go out to eat too much? Do you drink too much!

What do you do about exercise? We are talking about exercise here, not playing video games?

Are you open with your physician about personal questions! Do you know where to go to get help if you are in an abusive relationship? Are you willing to get help?

How often do you see your dentist. Oral hygiene is very important! Bad teeth can often impact your health.

Stay positive and try to improve those things that you can improve. One day at a time.

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Plan! Plan! What plan you ask?

Your plan to try and stay healthy.  It should be a goal for all of us.

Did not say it would be easy.  If it was easy everyone would jump on the special diet or fitness fad right away.  People are looking for the quickest way to do something, whether it is right or wrong.  It is like writing a blog, we all want instant success.  Life doesn’t happen that way and if anyone tells you otherwise they are pulling your leg.

Do have a plan of action! For what you say!  Losing weight.   Start small with little steps in the right direction.  Your physician says lose weight and you think of course. Many people just think that and never do anything about it.  Plan! Weigh yourself!   What is going to be your 1st goal?  Decide and put it into action.  It could be:

Smaller portions at meals.

Drink more water

Help plan meals, so you are aware of your choices.

Be more active on your off work time.  Tired!  Of course you are.

3 weeks add another goal, related to your 1st goal and related to weight loss.  Keep a journal on what you are doing.  Be sure and weigh yourself, before you add that new goal.  Remember#motivation#patience#honesty.


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Fitness#goals#motivation, rather than Chunky#plumpish#oversized?

If one of your goals for 2019 was exercise, where are you at now? What was your plan of action? Exercising daily, biweekly or weekly.

How were you going to put your plan of action in place?
Were you going to exercise at home on a treadmill?
Were you thinking of walking a mile at a time?
Were you going to join a gym and work with a trainer?
Have you even started yet!
Rewind! Rethink your plan! Rewrite your goal!
A – Become healthier
B – Lose weight
C – Begin to feel more energetic
Goal rewritten and placed where you can see it every day?
Ready, set, go. A new beginning. #exercise#motivation#goal#improvehealth#loseweight