Buy back your health.

Buy back your health, is that what you want to do? Can you do that? Sometimes the long wait of no life style changes has been too long! Unbelievable thoughts!

Are we as a society just lazy or are we so busy trying to keep up with everything that how and what we eat becomes a bad habit. How often do you go out to eat? When you look around in the restaurant, do you wonder where everyone gets the money to eat out . Do you ever wonder what would happen if you walked through the restaurant doing a brief survey, asking two questions only -1- Why are you eating out tonight? 2- How are you paying for this meal? Shocking, the nerve, out-of-this-world. You would probably get thrown out and told not to come back again. Plus the whole restaurant would be staring at you.

Diet plays such a big part in our overall health and it is so difficult to find and stick to the right type of diet. It requires work and thought. Require families working together to make it easier. Planning a weekly menu and following it along with beginning an exercise program are sometimes next to impossible. It is like a mountain in front of you that needs to be climbed.’

Begin by changing your life style. A meal out becomes a treat. Planning weekly menus becomes a game and you and your family are the player, players trying to win the game. Save, save those recipes that you enjoy. Plan a snack for those times in the evening when you need a small treat. Tiny steps in the right direction. Now you can add another piece to your game. Exercise.

Whether any of the essential oils can help you with weight loss is something that again I say requires research. You want to understand the benefits of those essential oils.. Discussing this with your health care provider, especially if you are on medication, a must.

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