Diets and more diets. Do you care? Should you care?

Who is talking about diets and for what reason. There are diets, numerous diets and diet plans all over the internet, in magazine, on televisions, in books. You name it and there is a diet. Some are fads and should really be checked out before you run out and buy all kinds of things you will probably not use. Some of them are self explanatory, but most are not.

What would you do if your physician, health care provider said you must go on a special diet? Maybe he or she has said this more than once, but serious time is here. Health issues are becoming complicated . Maybe it is not you personally that needs the diet, but one of your family members. So what happens next:

Do you make the appointment for the consultation or does your physcian’s office do that? Many physician’s offices, health care provider’s office will set up the initial visit for you.

What is your understanding of why the consultation is needed. Has your health care provider explained this well to you?

Be prepared with questions about the diet you are going to be following . If you don’t understand something, ask more questions.

Who does most of the cooking at your home? The grocery shopping? That family member needs to go to the appointment with you. If this is a child needing a special diet, make sure if they are old enough, they can ask questions and understand what is going on.

Families have to be involved also, as what the family is going to be eating may not always be liked by everyone. Resentment can set in.

Family member on the diet has a big job to do also.Thankful that the family is helping, willing to get on board with the diet and not negative when the food is put on the table. Thank you, a big thank you to the person involved in the cooking. Be helpful not resentful.

Support is the key word here. Get involved in a support group. Help plan meals. Be compliant with the diet.


Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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