Plan! Plan! What plan you ask?

Your plan to try and stay healthy.  It should be a goal for all of us.

Did not say it would be easy.  If it was easy everyone would jump on the special diet or fitness fad right away.  People are looking for the quickest way to do something, whether it is right or wrong.  It is like writing a blog, we all want instant success.  Life doesn’t happen that way and if anyone tells you otherwise they are pulling your leg.

Do have a plan of action! For what you say!  Losing weight.   Start small with little steps in the right direction.  Your physician says lose weight and you think of course. Many people just think that and never do anything about it.  Plan! Weigh yourself!   What is going to be your 1st goal?  Decide and put it into action.  It could be:

Smaller portions at meals.

Drink more water

Help plan meals, so you are aware of your choices.

Be more active on your off work time.  Tired!  Of course you are.

3 weeks add another goal, related to your 1st goal and related to weight loss.  Keep a journal on what you are doing.  Be sure and weigh yourself, before you add that new goal.  Remember#motivation#patience#honesty.


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