Essential Oils! Two definitions and suggestions for you. What essential oil research would benefit you?

Essential Oils!  Two definitions and suggestions for you. What research would benefit you?

As I continue to educate myself, I have found many articles on essential oils.  Some I have really enjoyed and you can tell the blog writer has done their research.

My question to you at this point, is what problem/problems do you have that you think would benefit from essential oils? What I am reading so far is that there are several essential oils for some problems such as aches & pains, inflammation, minor infections, sleeplessness, stress and maintain a calming disposition.  Other problems related to the nervous system, circulatory system and respiratory system the oil selection seem to slim down.  So my research will continue.

Here are a couple of definitions and suggestions for you:

Adulterated – Watered down!  Need to watch as the oil could be advertised as pure.  Adulterated oil mixed with synthetic extender, can cause a skin irritation, rash or a burn. Pure essential oils used incorrectly can cause skin irritations.

Beware of opened oils or if you are shopping in store, oils that look like they maybe have been around for a while.

Carrier oils- are oils, not cooking oils, added to dilute certain essentials oils to avoid irritation to the skin.  There are several carrier oils you can try.  Some are j

***Be very careful using applying some oils and going out in the sun.  Research this with wisdom as summer is fast approaching.  Remember store oils in a dark, cool place.

Have ordered some new oils for myself to try.  Helichrysum and Rose.  Will let you know what I come up with.

Researched this information from Essential Oils pocket reference-seventh edition and The Portable Essential Oils by Anne Kennedy.   New books coming with I hope lots of good information to share.#essentialoils#carrieroils#aches&pains

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