Fashion-Shein! A big thank you

Want to thank whoever has updated the ads coming out of Shein.  They took a chance on me less than a year ago and let me become an affiliate.  I knew absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing, but I was willing to learn.  That I continue to do.

One of my most important sites is Pinterest.  I work hard at maintaining my numbers on Pinterest.  Finding Shein pins was tough.   One thing I noticed was that the pins from Shein never seemed to change, with nothing new and exciting to show.

Viola!  In this past week or so, a big change!  New pins to view.   Lots of new pins to view.  It has been fun looking for Shein pins and noticing all the great things going on.   Vibrant new color in their ads.  Nice summer dresses, bathing suits to share and I believe I saw plus sizes.

I have grand daughters and can now say to them- you should see what Shein has.  I hope you will also want to see.   Join in the summer fun!




Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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