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  • Tea Collection

    A selection of summer and fall clothing for girls, boys and babies. Unique and interesting. Fall is coming and of course colder weather is right around the corner. Mix & Match is a good page to look at. What makes this special are outfits that show a set of three tees and two pair of […]

  • Jobs, jobs everywhere. Dress for success!

    Updated 8/4/21 Success should be a number one priority in any job interview. Otherwise why would you want to go and be interviewed. Looking at my boards on Pinterest, I noticed one outfit that was saved repeatedly. A beautiful, classic, fabulous outfit including accessories. It is a skirt, blazer sweater all coordinated in rich colors […]

  • Shopping! Fun online with Amazon!

    Updated 6/29/21 Every day is a fun day on Amazon. Just about anything you need you can find on Amazon. Saving you time from having to go store to store and wearing out your walking shoes and your patience. \ Been thinking about birthdays, anniversary parties, graduations and what can you buy that will be […]

  • Tea Collection

    New affiliate for me. Tea collection for children. As a grandmother, great grandmother love looking at clothing..

  • Cooling off in the summer time with sales from Shein.

    This blog contains affiliated links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you click on any one of my links and make a purchase, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you. The above affiliate statement applies to any affiliate. Warm already here, but with a wonderful breeze. Such […]

  • Shein with eye catching summer fashions.

    Shein has resumed taking order from some countries. Be sure and check out what they have to offer. Cost effective for those of us watching our pocket books or just wanting to look around Bathing suits, shorts, blouses, beauty, jumpsuits and shoes and bags to name a few items. Don’t be disheartened if you are […]

  • Sewing machine! New, actually 6 months old now.

    A new sewing machine and the learning curve associated with it.

  • Shein, Shein, Look at Shein.

    SHEIN! SHEIN! LOOK AT SHEIN!     All kinds of teddies.  Teddy sweatshirts,  teddy hoodies, teddy coats and teddy outerwear.  The fabric reminds me of what the cuddly teddy bears look like. Leopard patterns seems to be the thing.  There is a leopard quartz sweater teddy sweater, a leopard drawstring hooded teddy jacket, a two […]

  • Looking for her, nice easy gifts. Inexpensive but special.

    Here are some simple suggestions for that #inspiring woman in your life. The one who holds the glue together when everything seems to be falling apart. The car breaks down, the children are sick, the job you have is wearing you out. Take a break from the # everyday routine and look at these suggestions […]

  • Shein, fashion with a flair

    Shein , one of my affiliates continues to show a new flair for trying some nice looking photos on their website. Their styles are becoming , if you will more styled and tuned into what are popular #fashion trends.. Tops, jeans and the ever flattering hat. Hats that remind me of what men always wore […]