Dress for success with any job interview.

Success should always be a number one priority in any #jobinterview. Otherwise why would you want to go and be interviewed.

I don’t often blog about fashion, but it is an essential part of #home and #family. Looking at my boards on Pinterest, I noticed one outfit that was saved repeatedly. A #beautiful, #classic #fabulous outfit including #accessories. It is a #skirt, # blazer #sweater all coordinated in rich colors of brown and rust ( I believe), with a wide belt , a big gold buckle on it. Tights, fashionable boots and a great handbag. Please go and look at my #fashion board at http://www.selectionsfrombarb.com.

Reason for the blog, it made me think how many people do not dress appropriately for a job interview. Really rather sad when you think about it. So here are some tips:

  • Don’t wear jeans, shorts, clothing that is too tight, skirts that are too short, tops that allow too much cleavage to show. May not bother you but would certainly bother the interviewer.
  • What about beards, long hair and tattoo’s? Not going to touch that one, but how about washed and combed hair and beards. Does your beard need trimming? What about a haircut? Maybe cover some of the tattoo’s, your preference.
  • Women, use good taste in your makeup. Moderation, maybe a nice toned down but pretty look.
  • Make sure your shoes are clean and polished. Can wear a nice boot if outfit you are wearing is appropriate for boots. Cover your toes, even if you think your toenails are beautiful. They may be but may be a No! No! Depends on what type of job you are interviewing for.
  • Casual may be very appropriate for some interviews. How about khaki pants and a cotton work shirt, and shoes, instead of jeans, a tee shirt and flip, flops.

Good luck and I hope some of my suggestions help you. You can find numerous such suggestions under how to # interview, and what to wear #jobinterviewing.

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