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  • Essential Oils and labels

    Are labels important! Yes if you want good quality essential oils. There are lots of essential oils out there and I really knew nothing about essential oils. In looking at labels for essential oils I used a Young Living label. Highest quality essential oils have this information listed. Not listed take another look, perhaps the […]

  • How is your life treating you?

    This last month has been challenging to say the least. You just think you are getting things a bit more organized and then you realize how much more you have to do. Now the decision is what should you do next? Nothing! Tackle a small job!! Work each day on keeping things more organized!!! This […]

  • Essential Oils, a journal would nice.

    Considering giving essential oils a try? It is alot of fun and certainly benficial to some. It all depends on what you are hoping to achieve. I began using essential oils very slowly and now I’m really excited about learning more. Knew absolutely little about essential oils. Now use a diffuser with lavender at night […]

  • Blogging and what is working?

    Finding your niche!! Finding your niche!! Sounds like the start of a poem, but it isn’t as I am surely not able to compose a poem. Most of my thought processes have been put into finding my niche. Are you having the same thoughts, what should be my niche and where should I go from […]

  • Essential Oils, don’t forget to use them.

    Essential oils can be used neat or put into blends, but you need to understand, which oils are capable of being used as stated above. Neat means the oil can be used alone. Blends are the oils which can be mixed together. When using essential oils always remember less is more. Essential oils can be […]

  • Blogging!

    Blogging remains such an interesting avenue of expression! One day you are full of ideas to write about and the next day you think, my brain is not functioning at all. It has taken a vacation. The wonderful thing about blogging is you can keep creating and learning at the same time. Suggestions for you […]

  • Essential Oils, helping you to focus?

    Updated 6/14/21 Problems focusing on your studies, your everyday work life or just every day life in general. Trivia comes into your mind when you start studying for a test. Trivia like, what video game can I play? Who is that cute guy or gal sitting at the table next to me. Test time comes […]

  • Tension, stress and anxiety!

    updated blog about essential oils.

  • Sense of Rushing?

    Take an extra look at what is going on in your life! Relax!

  • Lots of Christmas ideas! Shein, Shein, let it Shein. Espanol also! Have fun looking.

    This blog contains affiliated links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you click on any one of my links and make a purchase, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you. The above affiliate statement applies to any affiliate. Thinking of ideas for Christmas, take some time and […]

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