Sense of Rushing, Need to prioritize?

Updated Blog first written in March of 2021.

Does anyone else feel like there is a sense of rushing, rushing in the world, even in the blogging world? Everyone is pushing themselves to develop new ideas, designs, blogs, lists , calendars, to keep us all on our toes . I applaud those of you who are fantastic in these areas and hit the right buttons at the right time. No one can say there isn’t enough information out there to learn everything possible. The good, the not so good and the wonderful.

No one can say that bloggers are uncaring, don’t understand what you are going through, never had to work as hard as you do, never had to work a full time job, never had financial troubles , never had their feelings hurt, never had their writing criticized . The reason you can’t say they (bloggers) are uncaring is because it isn’t true and you know it, especially if you have researched any of your favorite, fantastic, fabulous, friendly, famous bloggers.

Right now stop that feeling of rushing, relax and take a step back.

Ask yourself just exactly you are trying to accomplish for yourself and your family.

Begin all over again with the organization thing.

Take one thing at a time, limit buying courses until you see what you have and what you really need?

Have you purchased anything related to organization, stress relief, taking things slowly while you reflect on what you are trying to do?

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