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  • Choices, you make them

    Choices, you make them

    Life is interesting it either is wonderful and everything is going your way or it stinks and you are getting slapped down every time you turn around. Well maybe you need to look at your life and make some changes. Oh, it is not you but everyone else causing the issues? They just don’t understand […]

  • Thinking! Thinking! and Thinking!

    Thinking! Thinking! and Thinking!

    I had decided a couple of months ago I would not buy anything more until my understanding of this blogging business improved. Well it is improving but very slowly. It’s like taking one step forward and ten back. Just think I have it down pat and all of a sudden I realize, boy oh boy […]

  • Learning how to and then thanking!

    Quiet weekend after a hectic week. Spent the last few weeks almost daily on the computer with our daughter Susan asking tons and tons of questions. I knew enough about Power Point to do a simple planner or page, but really was unprepared for all I had to learn. Learning I am! Almost everyday I […]

  • Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Specialist, Therapist prepare for a relaxing visit.

    Its that time of year again, where we all try to get our physician, specialist therapist, and all other medical, dental and vision tests up to date. Before we know it August will be here and there we will be wondering when we will have time to do our Christmas shopping!!! Preparing for the above […]

  • Widening our horizons

    Widening our horizons

    Every day it seems like there is something new to learn, about blogging, printables, affiliate marketing, puzzles, games and many other things. At the end of the day you are either clapping your hands at what you learned or getting ready to tear out your hair, frustrated to beat the band. Either way if you […]

  • Blogging, learning and relearning.

    Blogging, learning and relearning.

    Here are some of things I noticed looking at my emails and reading some nice blogs, looking at very pretty Printables and informative emails: There is a vast arena of ideas to choose from. So many my head is spinning trying to decide which ones would be the best to help me personally. I am […]

  • Easter here already and gone.

    Easter here already and gone.

    It hardly seems possible that Easter has passed us by already. It was a beautiful day here and we had a nice relaxing time. Good food and fun visiting with every one. Kathy changed how we set up our tables and the younger members of the family felt like they had graduated to the grown […]

  • Big Families can be fun~

    Big Families can be fun~

    Big families I am sure I have talked about before. They can be lots of fun and challenging at times, but hey that is what life is all about. Our family is continuing to grow! We had six children, we have 18 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren, both girls. Two more great grandchildren on the […]

  • Essential Oils and labels

    Essential Oils and labels

    Are labels important! Yes if you want good quality essential oils. There are lots of essential oils out there and I really knew nothing about essential oils. In looking at labels for essential oils I used a Young Living label. Highest quality essential oils have this information listed. Not listed take another look, perhaps the […]

  • One big leaf left on our tree!

    One big leaf left on our tree!

    One big leaf left on our tree. There are a couple of smaller ones also, but this one is a big big one. It almost reminds me of a flower. You can see the leaves have not been raked up yet. On the list of things to do. This morning we woke up to snow […]