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  • My Amazon

    My Amazon

    Absolutely love my Amazon and try to use it to help me and stop all the running around to various stores to find what is needed to continue my husbands eye treatments. It is so draining, tiring, and frustrating. Enter Amazon and all is taken care of. Do not care if I lose saving a…

  • October, almost gone

    October, almost gone

    This week the trees in our area have really changed . October is a great month. Each day the trees and their colors change a bit more. Orange, yellow, rust and some red. It is like looking at a picture that changes daily. My husband especially has enjoyed watching the tree colors as his eyesight…

  • Working hard and learning so much!

    Working hard and learning so much!

    It is another beautiful day in Indiana. The sun is shining, almost makes everything pretty. That is except for the weeds in the flower beds. Right now I am choosing to overlook them. They will always be there next year. The tree colors are changing slightly, but there has been little rain. I wonder if…

  • Delights of Fall

    Delights of Fall

    We are glad to be alive to enjoy another fall, when the colors start changing. The fabulous colors include shades of greens, yellows, golden brown and red leaves that encourage you to go sight seeing. You come back from your sight seeing amazed at the colors or disappointed with fall not being what you wanted…

  • Learning all the time

    Learning all the time

    Taking a 30 day challenge. This is tough for me as I work slowly and learn even more slowly. That being said I am making some progress and am learning lots of good things. I am focused on other things to get much done quickly. Things like doctor appointments, helping my soul mate of many…

  • Happy new week!

    Happy new week!

    Happy new week! Monday morning and we have had light showers, lots of clouds, and it is definitely not hot so far this morning. Happy new week can be achieved by being organized with laundry, meals, scheduling appointments both doctors, dentists, physicals, homework and anything else that messes up your Happy new week. Welcome to…

  • Summer flying by

    Summer flying by

    Here it is almost the 4th of July. We hear fireworks in the evenings already. I feel sorry for the dogs who hate the all the noise. We are having company for the weekend of the holiday. Our granddaughter, Jessica and grandson, Cory are going to Barcelona Spain so we will not get to see…

  • Thank you everyone!

    Thank you everyone!

    We (Bill and I) wanted to do something to let our family know how much we appreciate them. By family we are including brothers, sisters, our children, their spouses, grandchildren, cousins, and friends. Thank you is the focus of this blog. We appreciate your showing up at all the parties we have had over these…

  • Planning a perfect Halloween party

    Planning a perfect Halloween party
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