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  • Blogging, learning and relearning.

    Blogging, learning and relearning.

    Here are some of things I noticed looking at my emails and reading some nice blogs, looking at very pretty Printables and informative emails: There is a vast arena of ideas to choose from. So many my head is spinning trying to decide which ones would be the best to help me personally. I am […]

  • Easter here already and gone.

    Easter here already and gone.

    It hardly seems possible that Easter has passed us by already. It was a beautiful day here and we had a nice relaxing time. Good food and fun visiting with every one. Kathy changed how we set up our tables and the younger members of the family felt like they had graduated to the grown […]

  • Big Families can be fun~

    Big Families can be fun~

    Big families I am sure I have talked about before. They can be lots of fun and challenging at times, but hey that is what life is all about. Our family is continuing to grow! We had six children, we have 18 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren, both girls. Two more great grandchildren on the […]

  • Essential Oils and labels

    Essential Oils and labels

    Are labels important! Yes if you want good quality essential oils. There are lots of essential oils out there and I really knew nothing about essential oils. In looking at labels for essential oils I used a Young Living label. Highest quality essential oils have this information listed. Not listed take another look, perhaps the […]

  • One big leaf left on our tree!

    One big leaf left on our tree!

    One big leaf left on our tree. There are a couple of smaller ones also, but this one is a big big one. It almost reminds me of a flower. You can see the leaves have not been raked up yet. On the list of things to do. This morning we woke up to snow […]

  • Stress, Are you stressed or not?

    Stress, Are you stressed or not?

    Updated from 2019 How do you define stress? How do you handle stress in your life? Do you recognize it? Do you consider the following signs of stress: Bitting your nails? Overeating? Unable to sleep? Are you motivated to change. I am an over eater. Not the eat healthy things, good for you types of […]

  • Meri, Meri

    Meri, Meri

    Fall is coming and so are the beautiful colors. Holidays follow right after that. Time to plan a party? Why not. HALLOWEEN Party Supplies, costumes, vintage themes, kids crafts all available for your consideration, especially when planning a party. Even if the party is for family only, think how incredible it will be for […]

  • Blogging and what is working?

    Blogging and what is working?

    Finding your niche!! Finding your niche!! Sounds like the start of a poem, but it isn’t as I am surely not able to compose a poem. Most of my thought processes have been put into finding my niche. Are you having the same thoughts, what should be my niche and where should I go from […]

  • Support! For a diet thought or two!

    Support!  For a diet thought or two!

    Originally written 7/25/2019 Updated 6/5/22 Diet, oh no not again. However it is something that is very serious for many people. It’s not that you don’t want to lose weight, you do. You know what people, even family, say to your face or behind your back. So it is time to take the bull by […]

  • Blogging!


    Blogging remains such an interesting avenue of expression! One day you are full of ideas to write about and the next day you think, my brain is not functioning at all. It has taken a vacation. The wonderful thing about blogging is you can keep creating and learning at the same time. Suggestions for you […]