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  • Milestone birthday which one? fun!

    Milestone birthday which one?  fun!

    Husband had a big milestone birthday last week. Gold decorations proclaiming the big 90, that’s right the big 90. He does not look his age and had such a fun time. Already inviting people to his 100th party. Which will definitely be another big big milestone. One of our granddaughters, Kacey Helen made an awesome […]

  • Valentines Day almost here.

    Valentines Day almost here.

    January is going by on wings with Valentine Day ready to take over. If you are looking for Valentine ideas Stephanie from Wildflower Digitals is having a great sale on her Valentine frames. Sale runs from Friday, January 20th through Tuesday, January 31st OFFER: Save $10, with coupon code: VAL10OFF Valentine Frames Button at the top of […]

  • Puppy’s and kittens, you will love this!

    Puppy’s and kittens, you will love this!

    Remembering my scrapbooking days when I spent hours and hours in stores looking at pages for my scrapbooks. Found some beautiful paper and always stopped at scrapbooking stores and antique stores when traveling. It was always a big treat to get to go to the antiques store with my husband and I. You had to […]

  • Drinking and how it affects families?

    Drinking and how it affects families?

    Personally this is something that I think people need to look at more, especially with focus on the families. How can I say that? Because my father was a wonderful man but he was an alcoholic. He always had a drink in his hand and spent evenings after work (thank God he held a job) […]

  • Your state of mind and getting busy!

    Your  state of mind and getting busy!

    Does your body sometimes talk to you telling you of its various aches and pains? Is it really your body telling you that or is it your mind saying you are just plain tired out trying to do too many things in the proper order and at the right time. However, I do have to […]

  • Wedding shower and snow day!

    Wedding shower and snow day!

    Woke up Saturday morning to snow. I really had not expected snow, but colder weather, yes. Two of our daughters had come to town to attend a bridal shower for Josie our granddaughter who is getting married in December. Our granddaughter loves winter and Christmas time. The shower was held out in the country, the […]

  • Ups and Down, Thinking a lot!

    Ups and Down, Thinking a lot!

    My mind is simply running like a train, but I feel I am missing the tracks at times. It’s like my cup of coffee is running over but when I check it I find a full cup hours old and cold. Everyone is rushing, including me to get things out for our holidays. It takes […]

  • Budget! Decide yes or no

    Budget! Decide yes or no

    Updated from 2019 14 Suggestions to come up with a workable Budget. This plan is setup more toward a family, but a single person could also definitely benefit from it. You decide how to begin. It may take some time to find the right plan for you and your family. It’s OK to start small, […]

  • October, beautiful

    October, beautiful

    Start of a new week! Last week just flew by and I did accomplish some things especially with my computer that has been very temperamental for me. Cleaned up as many downloads as I could and it is behaving much behaving much better. Overload not good. My fault. The weather has been beautiful here. Our […]

  • What about the holidays?

    What about the holidays?

    Did you ever wake up thinking, oh boy I wish I could sleep later, of course, that has happened to all of us. Then your brain reminds you that you have this day all planned out, so move. Thinking a lot about my blog and focusing on lifestyle. Broad area I know but it seems […]