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These last few weeks have been difficult, stressful, with a little anxiety thrown in there at times, but fun, laughable, enjoyable at other times. I wonder if others relate to these types of events.

Laptop still very new to me and have been having a difficult time adjusting to it. After having problems with it because I could not get into the laptop, I had to take it to the professionals to get it working. So pleased now with it. Using a mouse to make it easier for me.

Winter storms hit us and then we got a call from our daughter in Texas. Winter storms hit them and they had no power, no heat for a quite awhile. However they were lucky in that respect, because they finally got their power on. Next day she called to let us know their water pipes had burst and water was flooding their kitchen area and attic. She had sad stories, but also stories of the kindness of people.

Saturday morning my husband had invited 2 of our grandchildren (8 yrs old and 11 yrs old) over for breakfast and to play cards. They were a delight, helping to set the table and making Dzia’s (grandpa’s) special recipe for pancakes, little sausages and chocolate milk. Oz helped beat the eggs to add to the pancake mix. Nick took his tie off while he ate so he would not get it dirty. Cleaning the kitchen when we finished took a little bit more time, but the kitchen was clean when we sat down to play cards.

Nick dressed up with his tie

The card game we played was one my husband learned in occupational therapy at one time. lt is called kings in the corner. Simple to learn and fun for everyone to play. Have no idea who invented it. The boys then tried to educate us a bit on how much they knew about Chess. That did not last too long as they had a difference of opinion on what was a correct move.

We then watched a movie, considering that a little down time. When their Dad came to pick them up, we did tell Dad how good they had been. After everyone left we decided a nap was in order for us as it had been a busy fun morning and we were tired. It was worth every minute of the visit, as we had not been able to see them very much with COVID.

Recommendation for grandchildren’s visit

  • Be organized with what you are planning to do. Be sure you have ingredients on hand for what you are going to make for breakfast.
  • Let them help. I was truly amazed at what all they understood in the kitchen and what they could do. Setting the table, something every child should learn to do. We used paper plates and cups as they thought that was ok.
  • Think about when they get older and want to go to a friend’s house to eat.
  • Games , always have some games at hand to play.
  • Even had them do exercises on the living room floor .


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