Blogs enjoyed most by you all during 2022.

Asking you to share with me what you have enjoyed or liked on my blog during this past year, made me go and do some research. Only went back a year, but it was so enlightening. It did show me what is of interest to those of you who chose to make a comment or like a selection.

Started with the lowest number of likes and worked my way up the line. It was such fun, to review. Only showing a year’s worth, from 12/10/21 to 11/28/22.

Patience a Virtue–I really got into that blog, because it sort of outlined my trip to learn to control my temper. Temper always got me into trouble as I was growing up. Didn’t use nasty words as people do now, especially that F word, but I was verbal enough that detention was an issue at times.

Organization, goal setting a topic of many blogs–They really do go together just like a horse and carriage. Organization does help you meet your goals, if you can stay focused and not get discouraged. Your goals need to be sensible.

Learning how to and then thanking — So important! Whenever you take up time, information and resources from another person a big thank you is so important.

Decision Making what a trip–It truly is a trip. Some times decision making can get you into trouble. So your trip has to be a resource gathering one Look before you leap.

Big families can be fun--Big families are fun! Of course that is if everything is going well. Big families have peaks and valleys just like other families. Families have to work together to fix their problems and be on a stable track.

Tea Collection–All I can say is lots of lookers.

Holiday baskets with you in mind. AMAZON the perfect gift. Lots and lots of views on this one.

Essentials Oils and labels –Lots and lots of interest here. Can pass on knowledge but using and learning about oils is imperative, especially the do’s and don’ts. Saying oh I really like that smell, is not enough.

I want this list of likes to be longer next year with good suggestions from others.

Please share your likes, suggestions, comments. View my blogs and come back again.

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Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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