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  • October, beautiful

    October, beautiful

    Start of a new week! Last week just flew by and I did accomplish some things especially with my computer that has been very temperamental for me. Cleaned up as many downloads as I could and it is behaving much behaving much better. Overload not good. My fault. The weather has been beautiful here. Our […]

  • Communication, are you good or bad at it?

    Communication, are you good or bad at it?

    I know what you are going to say, however, I still have to write this because it is so important in your everyday life COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION. Not everyone is excited about this but honestly it is so vital to your life ,your lifestyle, how you feel about yourself and others, and the abiity to […]

  • Thinking! Thinking! and Thinking!

    Thinking! Thinking! and Thinking!

    I had decided a couple of months ago I would not buy anything more until my understanding of this blogging business improved. Well it is improving but very slowly. It’s like taking one step forward and ten back. Just think I have it down pat and all of a sudden I realize, boy oh boy […]

  • Learning how to and then thanking!

    Quiet weekend after a hectic week. Spent the last few weeks almost daily on the computer with our daughter Susan asking tons and tons of questions. I knew enough about Power Point to do a simple planner or page, but really was unprepared for all I had to learn. Learning I am! Almost everyday I […]

  • Organization, goal setting a topic of many blogs.

    Organization, goal setting a topic of many blogs.

    Thank heaven rain actually came this last week. I was just dreading having to water all the plants my husband got for Father’s Day. Plus the 6 pots of flower he got when our daughter Mary visited after Father’s Day. It did make me think about my long time set goal of getting more organized. […]