October, beautiful

Start of a new week! Last week just flew by and I did accomplish some things especially with my computer that has been very temperamental for me. Cleaned up as many downloads as I could and it is behaving much behaving much better. Overload not good. My fault.

The weather has been beautiful here. Our trees are starting to turn those wonderful fall colors we all love and the next couple of weeks they should be gorgeous. Today it is pretty but giving us a taste of what winter will be like, COLD, AND DELIGHTFUL SNOWMAN, HOT CHOCOLATE.

Need to begin to think about the holidays already because everyone is moving like Christmas is next week. The line of cars heading out to the mall is long, and I sure do not want to be in it. Trying to do as much as I can online. Usually the things I want especially for my husband sell out fast, so online was the answer this year. Our family is big so we had already cut down on what we could an would buy and who should get gifts from us. It is not what we want to do but it is the smart thing to do. We deeply love every member of our family and extended family and I say that in all honesty.

Always remember those that are hurting at the holiday times. Hurting emotionally and physically. Prayers are needed for all of us and our country, and other countries who are fighting to survive. Be as generous as you can to monetarily to those needing help.

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