Drinking and how it affects families?

Personally this is something that I think people need to look at more, especially with focus on the families. How can I say that? Because my father was a wonderful man but he was an alcoholic. He always had a drink in his hand and spent evenings after work (thank God he held a job) in his chair. He would sit in his chair and drink with his parakeet on his shoulder. Every once in awhile he would allow Casey the parakeet to have a sip. When Casey had enough he’d fly to his cage and go to sleep. Humorous now but not always then.

I have lots of other stories, not always funny, about things that happened when I was growing up, like the time the neighbor called me, and said my father had set the chair he was sitting on, on the porch on fire. God works in strange ways, mother was out of town, so she couldn’t save my father but the neighbor turned the hose on him and put the fire out.

I would like to say he stopped drinking right then and there, but not so. When he did stop later on , he stopped and never took another drink. He was such good man with a big, bad problem. Many times we tried to hide from others what was happening in our home. Thus we became enablers.

I know there are programs out there to help people who are alcoholics, but they have to admit they are alcoholics and want to discontinue drinking. I will be working on ideas to help those who want to cut down their drinking and maybe quit. Haven’t forgotten, just slow in moving forward.

***** Please read Alcohol! Sick of being hung over? Do wiser decisions need to be made? You can view the journal there. 3/13/23*****

Dry January. Do you know what Dry January is? Will I found out it is in the UK. There is lots of information on Google about it. I know January is past, but you might find it interesting. Especially if you think you might be drinking too much. It could be helpful try to establish control over your drinking. Have to be ready accept the challenge. The less you say to others about what you are trying to do maybe for the better. Don’t need people constantly saying how are you doing? How are you doing. You will know when you are ready to begin.

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