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  • Life and how to reflect on it!

    Life and how precious it is! We all need to take some time to reflect on our lives . However, don’ t start dwelling on the past, as that will do you no good. Instead you need to think moving ahead what can I change? What are the things holding me back at the present […]

  • Hello Everyone! Hope you are surviving all the news?

    If you never paid attention to the new before, you certainly should right now! Of course you will never know for sure what is real and what is not. Our world has certainly changed and you wonder from day to day what is going to happen next. Thinking about what we can do as individuals […]

  • Working on the big question, are you organized or not?

    Becoming organized is an ongoing process and it is so easy to slip up and slide back into your old ways. Even when you know the key to a better outcome is organization and to finish one thing completely before starting another. As a multi-tasker it is difficult to change, maintain and support organization day […]

  • World of sharing ideas?

    The world of sharing sometimes is not very nice, but sometimes you find sharing is great. A good example is blogging. Just think how amazing bloggers are with sharing their ideas, courses and other thoughts. It is awesome what the internet has to share these days and new ideas are being developed as I am […]

  • Negativity, moving ahead to appreciate yourself.

    The definition of negativity. is habitual skepticism. A skeptic is a person who questions or doubts something. A person who often questions or doubts things. If it is constant are your friends saying to you, why are you so negative? Maybe you don’t consider yourself negative, just a questioner. How can you change? It is […]

  • Aging Gracefully, a life style challenge

    Not too long ago I decided to start a tribe on Tailwind, (which I love) and see what would happen. The name of my tribe is -Aging Gracefully, a life style challenge. So far, nothing, but then I am optimistic things will turn around. They always do, maybe not in the time frame I would […]

  • Kindness, is there ever too much?

    Word to live by in my mindset is #kindness. There is not enough of it in this world. It is hard to be kind to family and sometimes others who touch our lives in some strange way. We do not listen to what others have to say, without an unkind thought running through our minds. […]

  • Shein, fashion with a flair

    Shein , one of my affiliates continues to show a new flair for trying some nice looking photos on their website. Their styles are becoming , if you will more styled and tuned into what are popular #fashion trends.. Tops, jeans and the ever flattering hat. Hats that remind me of what men always wore […]

  • Moving furniture, the tense moments, the ingenious moments and then the genius moment.

    Hectic last few weeks, but things are starting to fall into place. Needed to get a huge, very solid desk moved out of our television room. Sold it as we need to get a smaller piece of furniture into that space. 3 Adults and 2 very strong teen age boys all standing in the television […]

  • New Office Furniture

    It is always interesting when you begin to look at new office furniture, or furniture for the room you consider an office. Things to decide when looking, how sturdy do you want the desk to be, how big is the area you will be calling your office? Do you want modern, sleek lines or do […]