A possible scam or not!

Was not going to write this blog, but after listening to the radio today, I decided to share, my downfall story of the last two weeks. Minding my own business and working on my computer and my husband was reading . Opened only a couple of sites and messages on my computer. All of a sudden there was this woman screaming at us, you may have a trojan horse (may not be the exact words). The woman screaming do not touch anything and there was a number to call! So of course I called the number.

In my defense, I did not want to bother anyone at work, wrong thing to do! The person I spoke with at first could not help me, so with the lady still screaming, and I do mean screaming at me, he transferred me to another person. Very nice he was and very happy to help me. Long story short about 3 hours later, my computer was working fine, my pocketbook was a bit lighter and according to almost everyone I had been scammed.

Next morning I had to get my passwords changed, get my computer into the place I should have to gone to right away. Got my computer cleaned and everything checked out. Probably not saying that correctly, but my computer is doing great. They did a wonderful job.

What did I learn? If that happens ever again immediately disconnect my computer from the internet and call our son .

You will never know how dumb you feel until this happens to you. What they were talking about on the radio this morning was that there are a lot of online scams online for us all to watch out for especially during this holiday season.

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