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  • Tea Collection

    Tea Collection

    Lots of great sales showing on tea collection. Come and take a look. Spend some time just looking and pondering on what to purchase. Hope you enjoy. The Stock Up Event – Up to 25% off Sitewide As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you click on any one of my links […]

  • Big Families can be fun~

    Big Families can be fun~

    Big families I am sure I have talked about before. They can be lots of fun and challenging at times, but hey that is what life is all about. Our family is continuing to grow! We had six children, we have 18 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren, both girls. Two more great grandchildren on the […]

  • Decision making! What a trip.’

    Decision making!  What a trip.’

    Decisions, decisions, isn’t that what January seems to be all about. The world seems to be following in a spiral and I feel like that is what life is like right now. You are saying to yourself what is the right decision and what is the wrong decision! Sometimes it like the tossing of a […]

  • Holiday baskets with you in mind, AMAZON, for the perfect holiday gift!

    Holiday baskets with you in mind, AMAZON, for the perfect holiday gift!

    Thinking of fixing baskets for Christmas, a birthday, just as a thank you to someone who has been there for you and your family. There is no time like the present to begin. Are you doing baskets for family members, church friends, grandchildren, a family having a difficult time financially, newlyweds, a new grandbaby or […]

  • Essential Oils and labels

    Essential Oils and labels

    Are labels important! Yes if you want good quality essential oils. There are lots of essential oils out there and I really knew nothing about essential oils. In looking at labels for essential oils I used a Young Living label. Highest quality essential oils have this information listed. Not listed take another look, perhaps the […]

  • Essential Oils, a journal would nice.

    Essential Oils, a journal would nice.

    Considering giving essential oils a try? It is alot of fun and certainly benficial to some. It all depends on what you are hoping to achieve. I began using essential oils very slowly and now I’m really excited about learning more. Knew absolutely little about essential oils. Now use a diffuser with lavender at night […]

  • Holidays approaching too fast!

    Holidays approaching too fast!

    First published 11/15/19 Here it is only Labor Day and everyone is getting so excited about the upcoming holidays. Don’t know where summer actually went. So glad we were able to have a good family get together around the Memorial Day holiday. The way things are going in our world today you feel like you […]

  • Meri, Meri

    Meri, Meri

    Fall is coming and so are the beautiful colors. Holidays follow right after that. Time to plan a party? Why not. HALLOWEEN Party Supplies, costumes, vintage themes, kids crafts all available for your consideration, especially when planning a party. Even if the party is for family only, think how incredible it will be for […]

  • Tea Collection

    A selection of summer and fall clothing for girls, boys and babies. Unique and interesting. Fall is coming and of course colder weather is right around the corner. Mix & Match is a good page to look at. What makes this special are outfits that show a set of three tees and two pair of […]

  • Thank you for supporting my blog!

    Thank you for supporting my blog!

    Thank you to each and everyone of you who like Thank you if you are now following my blog! I try to look at your information, blog, website and e-mails. It is really an interesting task and I take seriously those that I am supporting, I often go back to re-read something to make […]