Holidays ending soon!

Our company left to return to their part of our world in Texas. The weather was somewhat interesting while they were here. Especially the below zero part. We were able to get their nice new car into our garage with our car, mainly to give our other family members extra room to park. Only one little episode when our son in law, Dale was pulling the car into the garage. He got just a bit too close to the side of the garage. Fortunately he was able to get the car out without any scratches. Our daughter, Sue was slightly unhappy with us when she thought the car had gotten scratched. The good Lord was looking out for us.

Our grandson King had a nice time, but I am sure would have liked spending more time with his cousins. There was just not enough time.

We, my husband and I, were tired when they left. It was a good tired and we had such a good time. We want them to get home and have some down time before getting back into the regular routine.

Had a good chance to do some brainstorming for 2023 with our daughter Sue. We did a lot of laughing and I learned so many new things. Her mind works 50 times faster than mine.

How ever it proved to me it is never too late to learn, it just takes more time. Time is something that slips away so fast and we can never get the days past back to say thanks. All of our family did so much for us this Christmas to make it a memorable holiday. Thank you again each and everyone of you. during your holiday relaxation time go to her blog and take her free Self Care Assessment. It will give you food for thought.

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On to working on goals and setting expectations:

1- setting goals, 2- spending more quality time with my husband, 3-doing a Bible study.

Happy New Year, Barb

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