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  • Thanksgiving Holiday

    Thanksgiving Holiday

    We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. Dinner was delicious and everything was done to perfection. Our daughter, Cindy cooked a turkey, frozen. This was the second time she has done this and it was so good. We also had a yummy ham that my nephew John had given us. Thank you to all who made […]

  • Choices, you make them

    Choices, you make them

    Life is interesting it either is wonderful and everything is going your way or it stinks and you are getting slapped down every time you turn around. Well maybe you need to look at your life and make some changes. Oh, it is not you but everyone else causing the issues? They just don’t understand […]

  • Tea Collection plus Kitty and friends

    Lots of new items dresses, leggings, tees and pajamas to name a few. Sizes to fit Kids and Tweens 2-16, Babies &Toddlers – 0-4T, Newborns – 6-9 months. All kinds of sales, summer and fall. Also read about Tea Rewear! Tea Rewear helps you become involved in helping environment by giving your Tea garments a […]

  • Good Morning ! Hope you have a grand day, sunshine, rain, snow, or whatever your weather.

    Good Morning !  Hope you have a grand day, sunshine, rain, snow, or whatever your weather.

    Holiday, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming, but fall is first and special.

  • Initials that have you puzzled!

    Initials that have you puzzled!

    MLM! What does MLM mean ? I had to do some reading and research on this myself. Multi Level Marketing has been around for years and the companies I especially know as MLM are Amway, Pampered Chef and of course Young Living. Multi – level marketing companies that most of us are familiar with are […]

  • Our fun? weekend!

    Our fun? weekend!

    Saturday was a beautiful day, sunny and warm. Our daughter Cindy and her husband David came over with their granddaughter Elena. We decided to go out to the back yard and get the swing and table out of the shed for us to use. In all my infinite wisdom, I decided to lock the storm […]

  • Cold as it should be in January!

    Personally I would like to see a little snow. Of course I say that softly as most people don’t want snow. Every winter needs some snow so we can have our fill of winter sports. It has been cold but really not any snow to speak of. Think how the kids feel that got new […]



    We had a wonderful weekend at the first family reunion in over two years. We had all ages from 90 years old to 10 months. The weather was beautiful, a little cool in the morning but it warmed up nicely during the day. There was food galore I mean everything . We had fried chicken, […]

  • Exercise! Exercise, good old exercise.

    Exercise! Exercise, good old exercise.

    Again, EXERCISE the word of the year when you think about it. What with all our isolation this last winter, many of us found solace in watching movies and snacking binges. Especially potato chips. However now is the time where as the old saying goes –its time for the rubber to hit the road. I […]

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