Autumn and Essential Oils

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Essential Oils have become a part of our lives. That doesn’t mean we don’t take our regular medications or follow our physicians recommendations. Our journey with essential oils has come about slowly and we are researching what we use.

Have found cloves, peppermint and lavender a great blend to help with arthritis pain and pain associated with your neck and shoulders. Again not a cure all but certainly does get relief if it is used properly. That means not starting at the bottle or wondering if you should try it or not.

Used essential oils to help relieve the nerve pain, experienced by my husband after his bout with shingles. I am not making a cure all statement, just stating a fact the he had good response with the oils in relieving the chest pain. The relief is for several hours and then the burning returns. It seems to be improving each day, for which we are so thankful. You can tell when the burning does return.

If your physician tells you to consider getting Shingles vaccine be sure you consider doing that as you do not want to get shingles.

Autumn and fall right here with colors changing so we are going to try and use some new oils such as

  • Cinnamon Bark – Doesn’t the name alone make you think of Autumn and hot cinammon doughnuts? This essential oil might be helpful in an infection disease situation caused by a germ or parasite.
  • Peppermint – Long used to help with digestion, minty odor.
  • Cypress- Just sounds woodsy! You know that smell you notice when walking through a woods. Might be helpful to improve your circulation. Going to try it.
  • Eucalyptus Blue – sounds interesting doesn’t it. Maybe it will be helpful with your breathing?
  • Stress Away – need I explain further. You might be surprised.

Always important to be aware of any side effects that might occur when you are trying a new essential oil for the first time.

  • A skin test to make sure you are not having any reaction to the essential oil. Just a small amount on your skin. Don’t use water to wash it off. Put a little cooking oil on the spot, if you have a reaction.
  • Always store your essential oils in a dark cool area.
  • Do not use your essential oils on children, infants without reading all the information about using an essential oil.
  • Just like so many other things you need to be informed and safe.

Hope you will try Young Living essential oils. May cost more but quality is good.

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