Autumn, goals and the future.

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Autumn and college football! Husband is glued to the television. He has been waiting and waiting for this. He has watched all the re-runs several times and was ready for the real thing.

The weather has been great not too hot this last couple of weeks. The fall flowers look beautiful and the yard has been well kept this summer. The fence is totally painted and next the bushes and shrubs will be trimmed to get ready for the cooler weather.

We are still wearing masks where ever we go and personally I am fine with that. We tend to stay at home as much as we can and even social distance when family is around. Some of our family we have not seen much of because they have had illnesses one person after another. Hoping everyone stays healthy as winter is right around the corner.

Important for all of us to remember to keep pursuing our good health. Especially in this trying time we have been facing. Enter into this fall with some great expectations for yourself. Keep yourself busy with school, hobbies, sports and reading. Maintaining a positive attitude, no matter what, is tough but needed. Doing nothing and feeling sorry for yourself can have an impact on your health.

Maintaining your good health takes work, just like having a blog takes work. Plan how you are going to adjust your food intake to keep yourself motivated to eat healthy. To keep interest in your blog going you have to decide how hard you want to work and what your goals for the rest of 2020.

Goals for 2020 – not many months left to accomplish those goals you set at the beginning of the year. Decide which of those goals you want to achieve and work really hard between now and then, on the one most important to you.

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