Mindful Aging

A beautiful post written by our daughter Kathy . Thank you from me and Grandma also. She would have loved this. I want everyone to know the fence is painted!!!

It ties in with blogging and all the heartfelt work very dedicated people put into their blogs, day after day with no recognition. So recognition is great and makes one feel really good.

Mindful Aging

My mom is Barb, her mom was Helen. As I read Barb’s story about  “Comedy Relief-Painting The Fence” it made me think of her mom. Barb’s legacy is her purposeful choice to live every day as positive as she can and to keep going, even if it is in a small way, every day.  It’s hereditary, her mom, Helen, left this legacy to her family and friends.

First,  I have to confess, I told my mom to spray the fence! She firmly stood her ground and said she had a plan. She would tackle a little painting everyday until it was done. She blogged her story in July. 

She is nearly done painting the fence.  A couple of people have helped an hour or so, but a majority of the painting has been done by Barb. 

Standing in the back yard, looking at the fence and knowing the obstacles that she encountered makes me realize the strong, independent, stubborn lineage of woman in my family.  This fills me with awe and joy.

The first obstacle Barb encountered was the attack of the evil insects that peppered her with bites. Bites that stubbornly itched and lingered for weeks afterwards. The bites were sustained while painting the fence behind a bush. Barb was miserable but undaunted.

Another barrier was the blazing, tropical like  heat of August. My birthday is in August, my daughter was born in August. August is flipping hot!  Painting in the heat of August has to be as uncomfortable as being pregnant in August. Barb didn’t let the heat derail her end goal of a hand painted fence by September.

The most recent hurdle was painting the fence behind the raised, rectangular, wooden garden box that is partially surrounded by lattice at the base. Barb crawled underneath the garden box and painted the fence! Age and arthritis did not stop her progress.

Strawberry patch looking sad right now. Almost time to cover.

My mom chose to set a goal, break the job into smaller, manageable tasks, and tackle the job. The secret to her success as a woman is her mindful choice to live  life on her terms whenever possible.

Her mom, Helen , a breast cancer survivor, decided to take piano lessons and tap lessons as she was aging. The vague memory of watching my 71 year old grandmother on stage at a tap recital surfaced when I read “Comedy Relief-Painting The Fence”. 

My goal is to age as they have shown me through their actions and to pass the gift to my daughter, daughter in law and future grandchildren.

Kathy (the second oldest of the six kids)

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