Thinking positively about weight and exercise!

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Remember when you were young and you played hide and seek, or jumped rope? I even remember roller skating and it was such fun. Here we were exercising and did not even realize it. Swimming was another healthy exercise, and swim we did several times a week. I was never a tiny person so swimming did help me maintain my weight.

The seasons are changing, so fast it seems, even with our situation of having to wear masks and social distancing we need to be sure we are active and we (our family included in that we) are thinking proactively and doing something physical to maintain our health.

Magnificent positive, encouraging positive, active positive, thought provoking . OK I know enough about positive. However no matter how down in the dumps you are , take tiny baby steps, one at time to get into the right mood to begin. Start with watching what you put in your mouth and once you have that going , then think exercise. WALK, WALK. Slow walk, free swinging arms and walking, listening to music while walking, memorize your homework while walking. run and walk, slowly at first.

.Start journaling about what you eat. Be realistic and don’t tell fibs. Be honest.

  • Write down everything you eat or drink.
  • Include condiments you are using, how much and how often.
  • Look at portions. Look at big portions and think do I really need this? Look at what you are taking or asking for as second helpings. Don’t do it.
  • If this is depressing you, then remember baby steps, and you don’t have to tell anyone what you are doing, just do it.
  • Look at what time you are eating and if you can do anything about changing the times. Maybe that means helping with the preparation to get the meal on the table earlier.
  • When you reach a goal you have set, celebrate. Don’t go nutz just a small celebration.
  • Do not put off till tomorrow, what you can do today!
  • Smile and when someone says you look like you are losing weight, just say thank you and smile.
  • Helpful tips below:

Eggs a good source of protein.

Remove bun, cheese and ketchup and it would be acceptable..
No salt , no butter and a lesser amount, would be acceptable.

Good luck keep working on losing before the holidays?

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  1. I was just talking to my sister about how there is so much negativitiy surrounding exercise and weight loss. We tend to see it as a punishment even though it can actually be a good thing if done properly. Great post and tips!

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