Headaches, have you tried Essential Oils?

Do you experience bad headaches, have you tried essential oils? Essential oils have been around for a long time, some of them before you and me. Of course I always think of lavender, peppermint, or maybe something like lemon.

Do not know who came up with the recipes for the headache types listed below. Hoping that one of the recipes might benefit someone who suffers with headaches, that can be very incapicating. There are different kinds of headaches, cluster, sinus , migraines and the stress tension headache.

You have to know your own body and what the triggers are that set off your headaches and if one of them is a scent then you want to avoid that scent.

The benefits of the blends of essential oils may differ with each individual person. Some people get great relief and another individual might only get minimal relief. You need to remember to benefit from the use of essential oils you must use them. If the oils just sit there and look at you, how will you ever know what helps.

Creators of these recipes listed below are unknown to me. Shouting out a big thank you to you and your sharing may help a headache sufferer.

  • Tension headache – 10 drops peppermint, 10 drops eucalyptus, 20 drops of a carrier oil.
  • Migraine headache – 3 drops lavender, 4 drops roman chamomile, 1 ounce carrier oil.
  • Sinus headaches – 4 drops spearmint, 4 drops eucalyptus , 1 ounce carrier oil.

When using essential oils for the first time always do a skin test to make sure you do not develop a skin irritation .

Reading up on carrier oils is imperative. Carrier oils include sweet almond, avocado, coconut to name a few.

Your essential oils should always be kept in a dark cooler place.

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