Frustration, Focus and then some.

So frustrated by things that are just overwhelming, mostly tech stuff. Thinking now I am really slow at understanding simple solutions to my tech problems or I honestly want someone to just do it for me. However, if you pay for a basic plan, from the second you get it all they talk about is upgrading. Not once but many, many times. Purchased something recently as it had what I thought would be interesting. When I went to pay the page said you already purchased this. I looked and could not find, so I said to my brilliant self, get it again, it was cheap enough, so you can evaluate the benefits.

Busy morning trying to get time to really organize all my paperwork. I find myself saying I have that information. I just don’t know where. Decided to get different colored folders and organize what is always staring me in the face. I know, stop talking and get busy and do it.

Here comes the download , get into the product and at least fifteen minutes later, still wanting to get to the main product and I am still going through—– wait stop you don’t want to pass this up, this etc. etc. When I finally opened up my purchase I remembered why I did not care for it the first time. This affiliate is not me. More interested in just blogging and learning more about Printables and digitals. You can learn some big lessons even if you make stupid decisions sometime. Think what you want then focus, focus and focus some more.

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  1. 1. If you are overwhelmed by technology, it may be helpful to try a basic plan from the second you get it.

    2. Purchased something recently, and when I went to pay the page said you already purchased this.

    3. If you have some information that you want to keep organized but don’t know where to start, it may be helpful to get different colored folders and organize what is always staring you in the face.

    4. If you are struggling with making decisions about your life, it may be helpful to focus on one task and work on it for a certain amount of time.

    5. If you are looking for advice about your life, it may be helpful to try

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