Journals in color with butterflies.

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Thinking about journaling!

Journaling can be helpful relieving the stress, excitement, anxiety, restlessness you may be experiencing in your life.  Maybe you just got married and would like to journal your wedding, honeymoon, and the new beginning in your life. Journal how special the wedding was. The places you got to see on your honeymoon.

Think about when you have children, how nice it would be to have a journal ready to go for those sleepless nights. Stories to journal about in each new phase of their lives.

Shawn Hansen of Quick & Easy Creative has a beautiful set of journals for all of us to purchase and start journaling right away.   BUTTERFLIES IN FLIGHT DIGITAL JOURNALS  IN DIFFERENT COLORS. Click on the link below to view.

Have a wonderful time viewing, sighing and purchasing.

Additional information! Susan has a free Self Care Assessment. It will give you food for thought.

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While you are on Etsy, visit She has beautiful Planners, cosmetic bags, journals and health assessments among lots of other items.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the benefits of journaling and recommending the beautiful set of journals by Shawn Hansen. It’s also nice to see additional information and resources in your blog post.
    Joanne Tomlinson

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