Thanksgiving a special time.


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Always remember life continues with it’s ups and downs even if the holidays are around the corner. Beautiful babies continue to be born, our growing children need to be fed, surgeries are ongoing, people are looking for jobs or loosing jobs. Churches are encouraging people to remember their religious beliefs, and people still die no matter how much we wish they wouldn’t.

Does part of your preparation of life, especially at the holiday times, include a time for mental relaxation? All the hype on the radio and television, plus the chaos in your own home leaves you restless, anxious and wanting some time to invest in your own health and time for relaxation. Here are some tips you might be able to use:

  • Invest in a yoga class.
  • Reflect on a positive quote daily.
  • Read a good book. One that transports you to a time of relaxation. Not a thriller that leaves you tingling, and unable to sleep.
  • Watch less TV. It gets so boring anyway.
  • Promote good health to your family members, setting the positive example for them.
  • Share some good recipes
  • Look for information on good health.
  • Spirituality -Needed now more than ever. 2020 has definitely been different year. Share like you have never shared before. Share with family, friends and others.
  • Help prepare a meal for a family in need. Do your children understand there are other families hurting out there.
  • Give to a special charity.
  • Go and visit someone who is home bound, in a nursing home or a hospital. If the virus is still with us, design some cards, have your children help. Pack them in a box and send them to the person you love.
  • Be a volunteer. Show respect of others and their traditions.
  • Be safe! Don’t become careless with the safety of your family and yourself.
  • Try an essential oil. You might be pleasantly surprised.


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