Sharing our culture and customs!

Are you starting to get prepared for the Christmas season in your home. Do you share our culture and customs?

Does part of your preparation include a time for mental relaxation. All the hype on the radio and television, plus the chaos in your own home leaves you restless, and maybe thinking of your peace.
Invest in a Yoga class.
Reflect on a positive quote daily.
Read a good book that transports you to a place of quiet and peace.

Physically begin watching what you are eating, so you can enjoy what you would like to eat, on the holiday.
Remember moderation!
No snacks in the evening. If you must snack, try an apple or a pear.
Take a short walk daily.

Spirituality- part of your beliefs and customs during the holidays? Remind family and friends the holidays are a time for giving and sharing.
Help prepare a meal for a family in need.
Give to a special charity.
Go and visit someone who is home bound, in a nursing home or a hospital.
Be a volunteer.

Show respect of others and their traditions.#culture#customs#belief#traditions.

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