Life is like a ski slope, sometimes you just go in the wrong direction.

Life is like a# ski slope, it has it’s ups and downs. Some times the ups are wonderful, sometimes they are just as upsetting as the downs. The first time you ride up in the# ski lift you are excited, scared, afraid of making a fool of yourself, but determined to ski down that slope.

I remember when one of our daughters was trying to learn to ski, she just could not master the pulley rope on the beginning slope. She just kept going back to the bottom. We all left her and she continued trying. By golly, late afternoon she finally made it to the top and all the workers came out and cheered her. She truly deserved that cheer. She never gave up.

Blogging is like that pulley rope giving us, ups and downs, It never gives up on us, but the critical key here is to keep trying. If your blog is slow, then figure out why it doesn’t become a snow board and take off. Take your blog apart piece by piece. What is my #niche? What don’t I truly understand and what can I do to better understand? Who really is my audience? It certainly is something most of us have to do.

You see where someone makes all find of money in such a short time, lets face it, we all say, why them and why not me? That is a good question. If you find the answer, please share. Keep trying, keep learning and keep having some fun .


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