Life is an adventure, don’t make it shorter than it already is.

My motto! Take one day at a time.

Enjoy each event in your life, each birth, each birthday, school plays, dance recitals, ball game, volley ball game, soccer and lacrosse game. I know I missed something important, but what I am getting at treasure those memories! Do a scrap book, let your child do a scrapbook . Remember the little tickles, stumbles if you will that make each event so memorable, so much fun.

Thinks of these things, the forgotten line in the play, your child a few steps behind at the dance recital, the strike out at the ball game, the tackle that wasn’t made, the goal that helped the other team win. Life is such an adventure.

Be the biggest supporter there ever was for your child/children. Teach your child to remember it’s not winning that is important, but how you play the game or dance the dance. It is the joy, the light in their eyes, the smile on their face, when they see you there that makes the moment. Sometimes you just have wipe away the tears and smile, even if your gut aches for them.

Remembering with those you love later in life is so enlightening. Something you thought so trivial , your child, now an adult, will tell you what a wonderful event it was. Cherish those moments. Life is an adventure and you can’t go backwards.


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