Essential Oils and more big ideas, thoughts and plans for loving them.

Holidays coming think what are scents you enjoy the most and how can you use essential oils to make your home smell so enticing.

Many different diffusers available, that would be lovely, authentic, unusual in your living room or dining room to help you coming up with the beautiful scent.

Autumn almost here and the colors will be beautiful, fabulous and make you wish they would stay around. How about one of the Autumn essential oil scents in your home like Halloween, the scent of leaves, the smell of pumpkin. What about cinammon or hot chocolate.

Are you an outdoors person and even love hiking, camping and food cooking over a fire. There are essential oils, that will brings some memorable occasions back to you. Good or bad! Maybe not back but laughable.

Christmas another whole story with lots of of wonderful, memory arousing thoughts that can be achieved with essential oils and a diffuser.

Here are a few essential oils to think about:

Bergamot – light citrusy scent, Cardamon – member of ginger family and a spicy fragrance, Cinnamon bark – warm, spicy fragrance, Frankincense – just to remind you of Christmas, Juniper- which has the smell of the woods, and Idaho Balsam Fir- again a wood scent.

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