Orange flowered wallpaper, a mug and a crochet stitch. Imagination!

Update from blog of October 2018

Crazy isn’t it? Wondered several times why these 3 pins were pinned and re pinned. There is no particular relationship to# blogging, recipes, or health related. Totally eye opening! Now don’t get me wrong I loved that they were re pinned. I # pinned them originally because they all made me smile, anticipation was there and I could not wait to see what happened next.

Here we are a year later and they are still being pinned. Now honestly the # wallpaper could possible become a pin with some #imagination. The mug always makes me smile and so should you and who doesn’t like learning something new, a crochet stitch.

Viola, what can this all do to help you? Bring out the creativity in your soul? Think how you want to improve on your blog, be different, think out of the box, but continue to grow and learn all you can about # pinning and# blogging. Do you totally understand keywords, long tailed keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? No, then this is the time.

Get busy, have fun, smile from time to time and enjoy.

Still on a journey to learn more about essential oils. Read some of my other blogs. It might become a journey for you also.

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