Essential Oils for Beginners

As a beginner also, have been learning a lot about essentials oils but not fast enough to be a leading , all inspiring, meaningful genius to put the information into several great blogs. Therefore I decided to give you the opportunity to review some really good books and decide for yourself what you would like to focus on.

Essential oils and herbs are often tied together, giving a broader education on an entirely new world and the possibilities available to you. Of particular interest to many is how to make lotions and soaps, which open another vast arena for you . Part of the magic, if you will, is learning and all of a sudden things start to make sense. It is a wonderful feeling, like a light shining through a window.

I am reading the Essential Oils for Beginners and have found it to be so good. Simple, yet thorough, and definitely interesting if you are interested in oils. The other books look and sound fascinating. I hope to read a few myself!

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Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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