Thank you, Thank you, dear family.

What has your life been like since Thanksgiving? Busy, busy and then busier than ever. I am sure everyone has their lists and then their mini lists that define everything on the bigger list. Not sure lists would have helped much here, but what needed to be done got done.

Our lives have been turned upside down. First, daughter had surgery, then I had surgery, then our son had surgery. Sadly next a death in our extended family. Add to all of the critic things, the internet going down, computers and phones unavailable and we broke my husbands printer, trying to undue a paper jam. All of these impacted us and when you are really involved life is super hectic.

In between all of this we had the Kiefle making party, which takes a lot of organization and so much help, when the family is as big as ours. This is something my husband wanted to do one more time and now the tradition has been passed down. Everyone that possibly could came and participated. Those that could then put up the Christmas tree. God Bless You. Of course we had the new puppy here and one of our great granddaughters who had a fabulous time.

The upside down bucket is finally turning upright and we sure hope it that way. The biggest thing needed during this time was patience, patience and more patience. Prayers also helped!. Lots of prayers.

We have a wonderful family who pitched in to help whenever they could, where ever they could, for as long as they could . That included taking someone to appointments and therapies, making meals , shopping and cooking, doing dishes, doing laundry and just listening. A special big big thank you to each and everyone of you. Our family has stayed together through thick and thin, some pretty big disagreements and these things listed above are what make a family a family. I am including our great sons in law, our daughter in law and the grandchildren who checked in and called to see that we were doing well. Thank you!

Short story to make you smile, our one son in law, who shall remain nameless, noticed how bad the shelf in the kitchen cupboard had become. It went up hill in the middle and had been that way for at least a year. It is my understanding that he took the shelf down ,jumped on it, turned it over and then proceeded to put it back in the cupboard. Of course he washed it good before the dishes went back on the shelf. Daughter helping him said it was pretty funny. Shelf is almost straight now.

A fantastic family photo from years ago at Christmas time.

Our family at Christmas time.

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