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  • Communication, are you good or bad at it?

    Communication, are you good or bad at it?

    I know what you are going to say, however, I still have to write this because it is so important in your everyday life COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION. Not everyone is excited about this but honestly it is so vital to your life ,your lifestyle, how you feel about yourself and others, and the ability to […]

  • Diabetic Learning Journal

    Diabetic Learning Journal

    You just found out you have diabetes or are a long term diabetic who has gone to training but really does not understand everything, especially about diet and how to control the ups and downs of your blood sugar this journal is for you. It just has the basics to give you a chance to […]

  • Thank you, Thank you, dear family.

    Thank you, Thank you, dear family.

    What has your life been like since Thanksgiving? Busy, busy and then busier than ever. I am sure everyone has their lists and then their mini lists that define everything on the bigger list. Not sure lists would have helped much here, but what needed to be done got done. Our lives have been turned […]

  • Working on the big question, are you organized or not?

    Becoming organized is an ongoing process and it is so easy to slip up and slide back into your old ways. Even when you know the key to a better outcome is organization and to finish one thing completely before starting another. As a multi-tasker it is difficult to change, maintain and support organization day […]

  • Support! For a diet thought or two!

    Support!  For a diet thought or two!

    Originally written 7/25/2019 Updated 6/5/22 Diet, oh no not again. However it is something that is very serious for many people. It’s not that you don’t want to lose weight, you do. You know what people, even family, say to your face or behind your back. So it is time to take the bull by […]

  • Organize! Yes! Why!

    Organize! Yes! Why!

    With all the wonderful weather we have been having including the high temperatures, we all believe summer will be here before we know it. The flowers are popping up their heads, the grass is so green and already needs cutting . Everyone is talking about starting their garden . I say everyone but not us […]

  • Gifts for the kitchen, good any time of the year.

    Gifts for the kitchen, good any time of the year.

    Kitchen Aid mixer. We have had one for years and it is a joy to use. Cleans up nicely. Never had a problem with it. The one I am giving you as a suggested gift is black onyx. Other colors may be available. The black one has a sophisticated look. Husband really would like a […]