Working on the big question, are you organized or not?

Becoming organized is an ongoing process and it is so easy to slip up and slide back into your old ways. Even when you know the key to a better outcome is organization and to finish one thing completely before starting another. As a multi-tasker it is difficult to change, maintain and support organization day in and day out.

We all know, or have heard about practice makes perfect, so maybe none of us has practiced enough to get the concept down in our heads or brains. Getting the bed made right away in the morning, even if no one is going to see it. Keeping the kitchen clean are two things that I am better organized at, but not much more. So my plan is to try, try again and hope I will make some progress.

You are welcome to join me in this organization thing. My plan is to focus on the paper side of things as that is what always seems to get out of hand. Here are some thoughts that have been running through my mind that might help you and me also.

  1. Going to the grocery store with a list. I am getting famous for forgetting the list, and the coupons. Went to the store for milk!! Got many other things, but no milk. LIST! COUPONS!
  2. Selecting a certain day or time to see that all bills are paid timely, automatically. Set up donations online, so that we can give when possible .
  3. Going through junk mail as soon as it comes !. Be careful that you do not throw out something important, like information from a physician’s office or some paper that has to filled out before you can get a procedure done.
  4. Try to really work harder on menu planning. It is such a pain.
  5. Work on getting my office to it’s organized look.

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