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  • Holidays approaching too fast!

    First published 11/15/19 Here it is only Labor Day and everyone is getting so excited about the upcoming holidays. Don’t know where summer actually went. So glad we were able to have a good family get together around the Memorial Day holiday. The way things are going in our world today you feel like you…

  • Meri, Meri

    Meri, Meri

    Fall is coming and so are the beautiful colors. Holidays follow right after that. Time to plan a party? Why not. HALLOWEEN Party Supplies, costumes, vintage themes, kids crafts all available for your consideration, especially when planning a party. Even if the party is for family only, think how incredible it will be for…

  • World of sharing ideas?

    World of sharing ideas?

    Sharing can be a great source of learning. A good example is blogging. Just think how amazing, bloggers are with sharing their ideas, thoughts, courses and what they engrossed in. It is awesome what the internet has to share these days and new ideas are being developed as I am writing this. Sharing is what…

  • Support! For a diet thought or two!

    Support!  For a diet thought or two!

    Originally written 7/25/2019 Updated 6/5/22 Diet, oh no not again. However it is something that is very serious for many people. It’s not that you don’t want to lose weight, you do. You know what people, even family, say to your face or behind your back. So it is time to take the bull by…

  • Negativity, moving ahead to appreciate yourself.

    Negativity, moving ahead to appreciate yourself.

    The definition of negativity. is habitual skepticism. A skeptic is a person who questions or doubts something. A person who often questions or doubts things. If it is constant are your friends saying to you, why are you so negative? Maybe you don’t consider yourself negative, just a questioner. How can you change? It is…

  • Celebrate ! Father’s day, my day or everyday.

    Celebrate ! Father’s day, my day or everyday.

    Right now let’s celebrate Memorial Day and then of course Father’s Day. Go to my resource library on the main page of my, on the top left hand side. Enter the password HELEN. Purchase this verse and have your children make up a special Father’s Day card with art paper, a picture of each…

  • Father’s Day, Daddy’s Day, PaPa’s Day!

    Father’s Day, Daddy’s Day, PaPa’s Day!

    Mother’s Day here and gone. Lots of people came up with creative ways to celebrate Mother’s Day inside as the weather here was lousy. It was cold and rainy and most of us stayed inside, not even wanting to go out to a restaurant to eat. Indiana’s weather is very unpredictable and up north, they…

  • Organize! Yes! Why!

    Organize! Yes! Why!

    With all the wonderful weather we have been having including the high temperatures, we all believe summer will be here before we know it. The flowers are popping up their heads, the grass is so green and already needs cutting . Everyone is talking about starting their garden . I say everyone but not us…

  • The big top! Come on in

    The big top! Come on in

    Updated April 8, 2021 Come one and all. Look at all the goodies: clothing for children play clothing for children sizes infant to size twelve dress up for church, taking pictures, out to eat in a nice restaurant. clothing for playing the sand giving back to others HEADLINER UNDER THE BIG TOP FEATURING:…



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