Choices, you make them.

Updated 3/4/23

Life is interesting it either is wonderful and everything is going your way or it stinks and you are getting slapped down every time you turn around. Well maybe you need to look at your life and make some changes. Oh, it is not you but everyone else causing the issues? They just don’t understand me. Have you heard someone say this?

Lets talk a little bit about making choices in our lives. Me for instance I can decide if I am really going to clean out drawers or I can continue to stuff things in them so no one can see all the junk. Everything looks better, it was my choice and I am not stressed out. Now that was an example of a very simplistic choice I made, not one that is going affect others. At least not right now but maybe some day if they have clean the drawers.

What we all really need to do is to look at the choices we might make that really affect our lives, and the lives of others. Things like: we choose to drink too much, we choose to stay out all night without letting anyone know, we choose to disobey the law, we choose to steal, we choose to hurt someone verbally or physically, we choose to damage another’s property.

Choices are something that you and I have to live with all our lives. Need to try and think about some of the choices friends or family are trying to influence us to make. Think of making it or them a permanent part of your life, good choices.

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