Negativity, moving ahead to appreciate yourself.

The definition of negativity. is habitual skepticism. A skeptic is a person who questions or doubts something. A person who often questions or doubts things. If it is constant are your friends saying to you, why are you so negative? Maybe you don’t consider yourself negative, just a questioner.

How can you change? It is not easy for someone who has a negative, always questioning, sour look on life to change. Sometimes they really resent what other people say to them about changing. If you want to change you have to look at yourself

Do you find people are starting to avoid you? Is your personality bracing? Do you find negative statements come out of your mouth and you think now why did I say that. Negativity can be hurtful without your meaning it to be.

Here are some things you might want to try to change your attitude toward people in general:

Think before you speak!

Learn from others how to express yourself more positively.

Say a small prayer daily for some help in changing. Something like- Please help me today, Lord to say things in a more positive manner! I want to change, but need some help. Amen

Journal what happens as you travel the path toward positivity. Really use the journal. List the negativity you, yourself felt. Don’t sugar coat things. Add what to do differently in the future.

In social gatherings is there a dead silence af!ter you say something?

Appreciate yourself today and everyday written 10/22/20. Thought it might be useful here.

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Waking up on a dark and gloomy day you are already wishing that the bright days of summer were still with us. It is raining also but that is ok as we really do need it. You cast your view around your home as you are getting ready for work and think, oh boy, oh boy, a fast pick might make you feel better. Then you think, oh well everything will be waiting patiently for me when I get home.

Your plan for the future ,work harder on getting really organized, so you can look in the mirror and say I am really going to work on this. You have this wonderful idea appreciate me now and every day. So how are you going to do that, think, think and then think some more. Look around you and start to plan. Maybe you could consider this a business plan for yourself. Consider yourself the business that you want to update, feel better about, be thought of as innovative, creative and charming.

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