In all honesty alcohol does have an attraction, especially for those fighting not to drink. This is a follow up to the blog I wrote before Christmas, about alcohol and families. How badly do you want this information? If it seems to you it might touch a bit too close to a friend, maybe yourself or a family member is that a signal! That can be an older person, middle aged person or a young person. You might as well figure in anxiety, loneliness, isolation and many other fears we hear about on a daily basis.

I have come up with a journal to help anyone begin sorting out thoughts and personal reflection about drinking habits. Also could be used for any other mental health issues bothering you. All you have to do is change the word drinking and call it what you want. Check it out here.

Begin looking at what your days are like, or your evenings. You make the decision. Look at each day separately. You may want to do this a week at a time. See if you notice any pattern:

  • Do you hold down a job? Maybe a better thought might be do you go to work on a regular basis? Are you compliant with the rules and regulations at your job?
  • Do you find you need a drink daily? If you don’t get one are you cross, anxious, mean to others? Or do you behave this way daily?
  • Do you drink all day, or evening long? Are you anxious, all the time?

There are a few other pages in this journal. Mainly for you to use for this purpose, journaling. Make an attempt to put your thoughts, actions and feelings in order. Can be used in any order you want.

Seek medical attention if necessary. Research support groups find one that will help you. If you find one, but you don’t like it, find another one. Stop just it around feeling angry, lost, sorry for yourself or your family. Begin slowly but begin if you know you have a problem. We all know problems can be very multi-faceted.

Don’t forget prayers. They may lead us in the right direction. Sometimes answers come and they are not accepted. Just begin. Just begin to change if change is really needed.

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