Essential Oils, learning more.

There are four ways (that I am aware of) to use essential oils. It is up to each one of us to learn how to use them safely and properly. It becomes a responsibility to be sure you are passing on information in an intelligent and informative manner.

The four ways are to inhale, diffuse, use topically and internal use.

Inhale means just that. Sometimes I just take a whiff of my lavender, lemon or peppermint to enjoy the moment. Even have been known to smell a holiday oil just because they are awesome scents.

Diffuser’s can make your home smell wonderful. Make up a blend of your own to soothe you or use one of your favorite found recipes. If you are not enjoying what you are currently diffusing, clean your diffuser out and come up with another recipe pleasing to you.

Topically is sometimes the most effective use of an oil. However be sure you do a patch test before using an oil. Better safe than sorry and end up with a bad rash or skin irritation.

Internally – never use an oil internally in a capsule or otherwise without good education on your part. Reread the recipe you are thinking of using and be sure internal is safe.

Most recipes, blends, single oils I have found have small symbols with them telling you how to use essential oils in the right manner. Things such as sun-light sign if you need to stay out of the sun, small tear drop meaning you can apply directly to the skin, round circle with a crooked line down the middle-means dilute. Wavy lines ok to inhale or diffuse and a capsule meaning to read label for safe use#education#essentialoils#diffusers

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  1. Love this post, Barb! My favorite way to describe inhaling and diffusing is the word Aromatic, as it encompasses everything through smell! And it just sounds posh, doesn’t it? 🥰

    What is your favorite scent to use aromatically, Barb?

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