Health and stress.

Update 5/26/19

How do you handle stress in your life? Do you bite your nails? Do you overeat? Do you become depressed? Do you not sleep? Are you angry? Me when I am stressed I overeat. Not the healthy things, good for you type foods, but things like chips, candy and desserts, or I just plain overeat. Food like noodles and potatoes. Good old comfort food.

OK you recognize yourself, a bit in what I am saying and know some type of plan is needed to change. A terrific, fabulous, entertaining, well I am going a bit overboard on this plan of action here. Begin by setting setting some reasonable goals for example, instead of losing 10 lbs this next month, try for 5 lbs and your goal is to really focus on keeping it off.

Menu planning – a boring job! It is for me, so it really becomes a challenge. Get the junk good out of the house. Keep your menu’s simple. Don’t try the diet of the month or the most expensive diet. Try salads and more vegetables, but do things in moderation. You can find menu’s listed in almost every book, magazine, on every cooking show. Find and do menu’s that you like and re-do them as you work toward your one small goal.

Exercise, can’t leave that out of the plan here. No matter how tired, how much you don’t want too, get up and move. Short baby steps at first and increase as your body tells you it is will to tolerate this goal. What goal you say! Moving more, not sitting and watching television or just sitting. Good weather, try good walks. Try a short walk and then a longer walk#health#stress#overeating#expensive

Stay motivated, keep it simple, be thankful for small improvements. Remove stress slowly, lose weight if that is what you want or just begin to feel better overall. One day at a time! Journal!

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