Needed a week off, so I got sick!

Every wonder exactly where or how you can get a cold and it progress until you just know physician time. Started off trying to save time, get on an antibiotic and get well fast. Well that did not not happen!

After almost a week, when my poor husband has had to prepare meals and take care of me, he is ready for me to be up and taking back over. Still have a lousy cough, but it is so, so, so much better and I am starting to feel like a human being again.

Solution to problem:

Don’t wait too long to see your physician. Which I honestly did not. They were wonderful, staff and physician. Remember to say thank you to those trying to help yo.

Keep hydrated! Again not always possible, but try your best. Never have been a good water drinker, but am trying to drink more. Sip on something frequently, water being the best .. Soda’s not cool, but if that is all you can do try 7 Up, Sprite etc.

Read and understand how to take your medications properly, so you can get the best benefits. When to you start to feel better don’t stop your medication until it is finished.

Rest. What is essential to living do, the rest will wait until you are feeling better. By next week I hope to be 100%#sick#physician#medication#hydrate

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