Changes, elimate or lower stress.

Original blog 12/7/2018 Updated 7/12/21

Stress, are you overcome by the stress in your life?  Do you think you can not handle another day like the one you just had?  Dirty dishes, laundry, kids not behaving, car not working right, rain and more rain, bills to pay. You get the picture.

How can you help yourself?   By becoming more organized!  You say to yourself, boy I have heard that before and I tried to do that but it did not work.

My question to you is how long did you really work on it?  Really work on it!  Write down what you want to accomplish and why.  What difference will it make in your life?

It does work, but it takes lots of consistancy, persistence and fortitude.  It takes you saying to yourself, I can do this and i a going to do it.

Try to pick one thing each day that you can accomplish. Even if it is a small thing. For me that would be giving the bathrooms a cleaning.  Then daily making sure that they are maintained.

Make your bed daily, even if your bedroom is not picked up.  It is a start toward becoming organized.  Then focus on getting clothing picked up, laundry done, maybe not all done, but at least a load a day.  Your goal is to wash, dry, fold and put away.

Involve your family in your move to become more organized.  Don’t become discouraged, keep plugging away.  Show them you are not going to stop.   Meeting with resistance, just stay focused on your goal/goals.

Meal planning, grocery shopping and cleaning the kitchen.  Always a job.  Clean that kitchen right away after meals.  

Pain, pain!  You are right it is a pain, but once you see you are making progress, you will feel so good and you can really get better at organizing your blogging, printables, sewing projects, and volunteering for some charitable project.  BE READY TO ENJOY FALL!

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