Stress and Some Goal Suggestions

Are the coming holidays stressing you out? The kids all getting excited, not always being good, picking on each other. They are tired of going to school, wishing at least some snow would fall, ( well, maybe just here). No blizzards please.

Try to pick one thing each day that you can accomplish. Even if it is a small thing. For me that would be giving the bathrooms a good cleaning. Not a small thing. I mean a good cleaning so they would only need a quick clean up right before Christmas.

Menus done? What if you could pick up a few items at a time each shopping venture, so the week of the holiday you are not standing in line at the grocery store, hoping you won’t go over your budget.

Another goal for the coming year? Budget Save for this week all year long. Good old fashioned Christmas clubs used to be wonderful. Try the first year,saving a small amount from each paycheck that is put into a savings you do not touch until the holidays.

Take one day off work during this holiday time. Get all your shopping done. Make that a goal for the coming year. I hear people say all the time, I need to take some vacation time or I will lose it. Plan out your year, take days off here and there.#settinggoals#relievingstress

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