Organization A Must to Move Forward

Come and visit my blog.  Why! Because I am learning every day and hope to pass some of that learning on to you.  Organization, organization, organization, I can’t repeat it enough.  As I delve into this blogging business more and more I see how important the above word is.  Not just saying it and writing about it, but actually following thru.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find the bill you need to pay, the book that you need, the name of the person you were supposed to call back, the notes you made for your next blog etc.

My personal organizational goals to get done the New Year arrives:

  • Get my files organized
  • Remove from office, sewing room what is no longer used, necessary.
  • Get my computer better organized
  • Stop printing everything, use folders instead
  • Use a planner to help me
  • Record all phone messages, so they can be easily found.
  • Do volunteer calls, immediately after they are received.
  • Carry this over into others areas of our home-long term organizational plan. The other things I would like to do before the New Year.

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