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  • Blogging, learning and relearning.

    Blogging, learning and relearning.

    Here are some of things I noticed looking at my emails and reading some nice blogs, looking at very pretty Printables and informative emails: There is a vast arena of ideas to choose from. So many my head is spinning trying to decide which ones would be the best to help me personally. I am…

  • Decision making! What a trip.’

    Decision making!  What a trip.’

    Decisions, decisions, isn’t that what the new year seems to be all about. The world seems to be following in a spiral and I feel like that is what life is like right now. You are saying to yourself what is the right decision and what is the wrong decision! Sometimes it like the tossing…

  • Essential Oils! Labels?

    Essential Oils! Labels?

    Updated 3/6/23 Are labels important! Yes, if you want good quality essential oils. In looking at labels for this blog, I used a Young Living essential oil label. Highest quality essential oils have the information listed below. Not listed take another look, the essential oil might have been adulterated or could be an indicator of…

  • Stress, Are you stressed or not?

    Stress, Are you stressed or not?

    Updated from 2021 Stress in your life? How do you define stress? How do you handle stress in your life? Do you recognize it? Stress can be defined as a state of worry or mental tension caused by a difficult situation. Stress is a natural human response that prompts us to address challenges and threats in…

  • Life in your home!

    Life in your home!

    Written January 2020 Updated 9/14/21    Sometimes poor is a state of mind and other times we just don’t know how to manage our money and lives. How to say no!  We slide from one mess to another instead of taking time to focus on cleaning up one mess, before getting into another one.  Some…

  • Holidays approaching too fast!

    First published 11/15/19 Here it is only Labor Day and everyone is getting so excited about the upcoming holidays. Don’t know where summer actually went. So glad we were able to have a good family get together around the Memorial Day holiday. The way things are going in our world today you feel like you…

  • Resources available to help you in discerning the right education road for your gifted or challenged child.

    Resources available to help you in discerning the right education road for your gifted or challenged child.

    Orginally written 4/26/20 Update 8/22/21 This blog the ABC of special education is #packed full of words and definitions used by social workers, teachers, physicians when working with special needs and gifted children. The blog was written by a woman ( our daughter Susan) who has been a foster parent, is certified as a Special…

  • World of sharing ideas?

    World of sharing ideas?

    Sharing can be a great source of learning. A good example is blogging. Just think how amazing, bloggers are with sharing their ideas, thoughts, courses and what they engrossed in. It is awesome what the internet has to share these days and new ideas are being developed as I am writing this. Sharing is what…

  • Essential Oils, you using them?

    Essential Oils, you using them?

    Essential oils can be used neat or put into blends, but you need to understand, which oils are capable of being used as stated above. Neat means the oil can be used alone. Blends are the oils which can be mixed together. When using essential oils always remember less is more. Essential oils can be…

  • Sense of Rushing, Need to prioritize?

    Sense of Rushing, Need to prioritize?

    Take an extra look at what is going on in your life! Relax!