Goal setting for 2022 and 2023

What a boring title you say and I have to agree, however the facts are the facts. We were at a restaurant not to long ago and, looking around most of the adults, even some teenagers, were overweight. I thought to myself we all need to work on what we eat and why.

So one big question we all have to answer, why were we at the restaurant eating? Here are thoughts I had, but you need to think for yourself, why are we here! My thoughts were : tired of cooking, no one started preparations for a meal, but who was assigned that job, and is that job switched weekly so one person doesn’t always have to do it. Do you have a grocery list? I am digressing here, a blog for another day.

Do you need to lose weight or do you need to gain weight? That is big concern for many people as there are some who struggle with gaining weight, but right now I just want to focus on losing weight. So think about what you consider a realistic goal for losing weight. Do not think about the whole year, think about a month at a time. You could really do this with any goal you wish to set. Right now, focus, focus on losing weight!

Setting goals for losing weight takes a lot of guts, hard work, support from others, and a real commitment from yourself. Think about whom you are going to impact while losing weight, besides yourself! How do they feel about you losing weight? Why do you want to lose weight?

Here are some questions for you to ask yourself:

  • Do I help with menu planning and cooking? Will you make that a goal to work on?
  • Will my family work with me? Are their others in your home who need to lose weight also? Are they also wanting to lose weight? There is a difference between wanting to and needing to.
  • Has your family been through this with you before?
  • Do you keep snacks in your home ? Why?
  • Will losing weight impact your attitude?
  • What does your physician have to say about you losing weight?
  • Better still, what is your plan to keep it off?

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Think positive, think positive, think positive. Make little changes one at a time. Be pro active. Say a few prayers. Don’t be so drastic in the changes you make that you walk around with a sad face.

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